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5 Ways to a Lean Strong Body

womens fitnessIt’s summer and it’s time of the year where all the shops are full with tops and tight jeans- perfect for showing off your body. However, there are women who would be worrying about wearing such clothes, worried about the bulging bellies and flabby upper arms and they think their solution is to cover themselves up using shawls or cardigans.

Not any more! Follow these basic steps for the women’s fitness and be just on time to hit the beach.

The Gym

If you want to get rid of those flab then you have to take the most obvious step- the gym- regularly! Do a full-body training program at least twice a week. Perform between three to six sets of exercises with weight lifting to get lean muscles.

Increase the Volume

The key is to expose your muscles to more tension and greater volume. You can do interval training where you need to alternate between low and high intensity exercises. For ensuring that you build lean muscles instead of bulk include cardio in your routine. Interval training will boost your metabolism and will promote muscle growth, which can help you in getting rid of excess calories that can increase your fat.

Heavy Lifting

You can go lean by improving the shape and tone of your lower body. This can be done by doing heavy lifting that your body both finds it challenging as well as unaccustomed to. It overload the muscles by stressing on them which gives you a more athletic look. Further it burns a lot of energy that produces a fat burning hormone that prevents you from gaining unwanted weight.

Keep a check on what you eat

Your body needs a lot of water. For adequate burning of fat and for muscle recovery it is essential that you stay well hydrated. Instead of eating three large meals in a day, eat 5 to 6 short ones. This will help you from overeating, keep your metabolism up and supply your muscles with the fuel needed for muscle repair and growth. Including about 1 to 2g of protein for body mass. Do not overdo it or you might gain fat. Moreover, include carbohydrates in your diet to aid muscle recovery and fuel your workouts. About 50 to 60 percent of carbohydrates is sufficient.

Cardio Workouts

Biceps, push-ups, nutritional food is not enough to give you a lean, fit body. You need to focus on your overall body shape by reducing the body fat. This can be done by doing full body exercise using as many muscles as possible. This builds up your metabolism, burns more calories and effectively gives you a more toned, slender physique. Aim for high intensity cardio exercises up to four times a week.


You need to gym regularly with a control on a diet. It will take time but with proper care and focused training you can get a lean, strong body soon. Drink lots of water, get nutritious food and monitor your sleep cycle. With proper attention you can get a body that you will be proud of!

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