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The 6 Best Ab Exercises In the Order of Effectiveness

Womens fitnessWomen need to do exercises to keep themselves fit and healthy. Attaining a six pack is what most people dream of. Women fitness can also be achieved through such. However, it’s not just doing Ab exercises that matter. There are different types women should do and here are the best ones.

1. Ball Pull-In

The ball pull-in is suitable for both men and women fitness. It exercises abdominal muscles and helps in developing the flat abs as well as the building of six packs. The targeted muscles are the lower Rectus abdominis muscles.In doing the exercises, lie facing down with the support of hands. Then you have to move your body on hands using the hand until the top of the feet repose on the ball. Keep the body straight, then come to a push-up position by pulling the abdomen. Then, tuck the knees near the chest with the toes planted on the ball. Take some minutes then return to the previous position. Repeat the whole process for 15 times or more.

2. Jack Knife Sit Ups

This type of exercises helps to shape the abdomen by targeting the intercostal, external oblique, and pectineus muscles. During this exercises, lie down on the floor with the arms above the head and legs stretched out. Lift both the legs and arms simultaneously until the fingers almost touch your toes. Take some minutes in that position and then go back. Repeat this several times.

3. Extended Plank

This kind of exercise is very effective for six pack workout. When exercising, try to come up with a push-up position by placing the hands about 10 inches in front of the shoulders with toes tucked in. Keep the arms straight as well as the back. Hold in this position for 20-30 seconds at breathing usually at the same time. Go back to the starting position and repeat the whole process again. You can repeat for about 15 times or more.

4. Ab Wheel Roll

This may appear easy on seeing, doing it is another thing. It’s among the advanced abdominal muscle exercises. It helps tone the outer obliques and the rectus abdominis. Kneel on the ground with the knees directly under the hips and the hands under the shoulders. Hold the ab’s handles wheel with the hands and then push it forward until the back is flat and the arms fully extended in front of the body. You can then stop the moment you think you can’t roll more forward. Make sure you engage the muscles and bring the body back. Repeat this several times.

5. Pull Ups

This helps in toning the upper muscles. You only need a place to hang from and can withstand your weight. Hold the bar and hang from it. Then engage your ab muscles. Move up and down in various ways. For instance, you can fold the legs and move until the chin gets above the bar. Repeat this many times.

6. Seated Leg Tuck

It helps in toning the lower and upper Rectus abdominis. Sit crosswise at a bench or chair edge and grip the sides using the hands. Then lean back at about 450 and bending the knees and raising the legs slightly. Simultaneously, curl the upper body by rounding the back and bringing it close to the pelvis as well as lifting the knees close to the head. Then come back to your starting position. You may repeat this 20 or more times.

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