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How Can You Get Really Fit

HOW CAN YOU GET REALLY FITI had a friend ask me lately , Ben, what’s it, man? Could it be simply lifting? Is it all nutrients? What’s it? Are you ” I reacted with, “I only take a couple of pills, guy.” Haha. I’m completely joking in the event you did that is caught by n’t.

Inquire fitness professionals or 10 trainers and you’ll most likely get 10 different responses. It is likely that which you must run, or you’ll hear yoga, or which you must drink this, or which you need to motorcycle, dance, whirl— the list. That’s because we’re all distinct and there’s not a “one size.

I’d like to simply state that being skinny isn’t fit before I go into what being “fit” actually is. I can’t tell you the number of times I meet with those who seem to be fit” that is “ but when they are tested by us, we find a higher body fat percentage. This can be it as dangerous as being “fat.” and that which we call “lanky fat”

Allow me to go only a little farther about the entire versus healthy” matter that is “lean. With “lanky fat” individuals or “lean” you’ll discover their body fat percentage is likely to be greater than that is perfect — if their muscle percent is low, though you won’t see plenty of fat to them, then the fat percentage will be greater. Their body won’t be powerful, that’ll cause discouragements and injuries.

All right, just what exactly do we do understanding this?

Lift weights

Simply put, strength training happens when your muscle has to overcome a resistance. When the resistance is high enough, the muscle will adapt. Your endurance increases, muscle grows and in turn you burn fat. There are so many ways to do this— dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, bars, balls, cables, sandbags and, yes, your bodyweight.

You lift weights against a resistance and the following happens:

Increased muscle tone

Cardiovascular capacity increases

Flexibility increases

Chances of injury get decreased

If that doesn’t get your attention, then know that I’ve helped hundreds if not thousands of clients at Xceleration Fitness lose 10, 30, 70 and even more than 100 pounds by using strength training.

Stay with me.

Here are 9 Reasons Why I Like Strength Training

  1. To Build Muscle

 I can already hear the ladies out there asking and the answer is…. NO, you will not “bulk up” from lifting weights. You won’t. If it happens, you can come fire me. What will happen is: lower body fat, better energy, flatter tummy and a more defined body from head to toe. Believe it.

  1. To lose fat

When there is more muscle on the body, you burn fat just sitting still. The muscle uses food and nutrients way better than fat, and muscle is actually alive and active! Fat just sits there, muscle kicks it the eff out! You feel me?

  1. To build strong bones

If you don’t use ‘em, you lose ‘em! Remember that saying? Osteoporosis is real and we need a way to combat it. Well, that’s what strength training does. You will stress your bones and make them stronger. So when you fall down or slip up, the chances of breaking your bones goes way down.

  1. To alleviate anxiety, stress and depression

 There is a saying on our wall: “‘Wow, I regret that workout,’ said nobody ever.” It’s true. When you lift you will release chemicals in your brain—endorphins that make you feel better! Yeah, that’s a much better approach than popping a pill.

  1. To sleep better

 Again, a much better alternative to pills. Lifting spikes all the hormones your body loves and controls your adrenal glands better. Your muscles will beg you to recover, making your sleep more effective (and more important!).

  1. To improve insulin sensitivity

 Yet again, we are saved by the weight training. I can’t tell you how many people I know with diabetes who have been helped with strength training. Prescriptions get taken away because of the new health and money is saved from strength training.

  1. To improve good-to-bad cholesterol ratio

 Yes, it helps. Blood pressure and heart health are improved with strength training. To build muscle, you need oxygen. As we lift more and more, our bodies get better at transporting the oxygen. Your heart adapts and gets stronger. Your cholesterol gets lower and you make your doctors happy as hell.

  1. To raise your metabolism

 Yep! This is all a byproduct from the adaptation your body goes through from overcoming the resistance. The benefits are just endless!

  1. You get shredded

 More muscle = less fat on your body. Less fat on your body helps reveal more muscles. So yeah, you are no longer scared to take your shirt off in or get in that bikini!

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