Saturday, 17 March 2018

Is It Dangerous To Drink Too Much Green Tea?

It is often said that too much of a good thing can be bad, that is the paradox of life that this article will attempt to address: Is it dangerous to drink too much green tea?

green tea advantagesOne one side of the coin are the benefits that green tea has to offer, these are a myriad of benefits to women’s health:
* It contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid in reducing inflammation, hydrating the skin, and repairing any damage to the skin that is attributed to exposure to harmful UV rays;
* It contains the antioxidant catechins which have anti-cancer-fighting properties;
*It can be used as an ingredient to make a wholesome meal;
* It doesn’t oxidize meaning it doesn’t promote the birthing of free radicals and thus endanger one to cancer,etc.

There are many more advantages that come cupped in a cup of green tea (pun intended). However, the other side of the coin has also to be analyzed. Is it possible that too much of a good thing could actually be bad for you? Is it dangerous to drink too much green tea?The answer to that question lies below.

There are too adverse effects that are associated with copious consumption of green tea. The fact is that because of the presence of caffeine in green tea, a voluminous amount of tea in the system could strain the operation of the liver. The liver is forced to flush the caffeine from the system and large volumes of caffeine could overwhelm the liver. The effect of this is that one could end up suffering from liver damage if green tea is consumed without moderation.

The second acknowledged effect of consuming copious amounts of green tea is the fact that because of the presence of tannin in tea, green tea consumption tends to inhibit the absorption of iron into the system- specifically non-heme iron which is sourced from plant and dairy sources such as beans and milk. Interestingly, tannin doesn’t inhibit the absorption of iron sources from meat. Iron deficiency could be the end result of one who imbibes in copious amounts of green tea!

The above two examples are the most obvious effects of consuming too much green tea. There is a way to mitigate the effects however, you could for instance, add some lemon to your green tea because vitamin C,that is found in lemon, promotes the absorption of iron into the body’s system. To prevent the liver from infection/damage you do well t space out the consumption of your green tea over intervals of time. This allows for caffeine to be flushed out of the system and prevents its accumulation in the liver.

Back to the question at the beginning of the article: Is too much of a good thing bad? Or put more directly: Is it dangerous to drink too much green tea? The answer is spelled out in the article above. Remember that the benefits that are come packed in a cup of green tea far outweight the side effects as in all things in life practice moderation and you will reap the full benefits that this beverage has to offer.

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