Saturday, 17 March 2018
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The Easy Way To Burn Calories

Easy ways to burn caloriesLooking for an easy way to burn calories? Look no further, here is a compiled weight loss guide to getting rid of those love handles without going to the gym.

No 1; Forget the elevator, by walking up the stairs instead of using the elevator whilst you are at work or walking around the mall you can easily burn off a few extra calories.

No 2: Move your body around a bit more, how can you do this? easy, whenever you are on the telephone pace around, you can still talk but you are getting that little bit of extra exercise.

No 3: Dance like there is no-one watching, whenever you are in the house with the television on creating a simple dance routine to the commercials, swing those hips and shake that body, it may be better to close the drapes first!

No 4: If you are thirsty drink a glass of cold water, believe it or not, it will burn calories to raise the temperature of the water to your body level, it may be only a small part but it all counts.

No 5: Get more romantic with your partner, good sex burns off calories in the most fun way possible and is good for your health and your relationship.

No 6: Get the hoover out, boring as it can be, housework is an excellent way to shed a few pounds, make sure yo get down into all the corners and stretch up to do the cornices, swing your hips as you vacuum and you have found an easy way to burn calories.

No 7: Do not sit around watching television, grab a couple of cans of beans and do bicep curls as you watch, rotate your ankles and do your kegel exercises and you are getting a full workout and keeping up with soaps.

No 8: Take the dog for two walks a day but do not just saunter along, stretch those legs and swing those arms, breathe deeply and hold your head high, you will be amazed at how energizing this can be.

No 9: Be a kid! Go out and play with the children or the dog, play catch or use a frisbee to keep you on the move. It’s fun and it is an easy way to burn calories.

10: Laugh and the world laugh with you, this is the simplest way to burn fat and it really does use up calories so go on and have a giggle.

Remember, to burn calories, simply changing your diet is not enough. You need to take a hard look at your metabolism. This is the bodily function that will help you lose weight. Therefore, you must direct your weight loss plan toward boosting up your metabolism, rather than starving your body. The latter can have grave consequences.

If you wish to become slimmer through a healthy and happy manner, forget what the world says. Make a New Year resolution of exercising the first thing in the morning and eating a good breakfast. Stun the world with your slim figure within a few months!
Remember, any and every activity requires you to burn calories so whatever you do make sure it’s fun and gets you moving.

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