Saturday, 17 March 2018
Weight Loss

How to Fight that Extra Pound in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

womens healthThe clash against those extra pounds goes on and on that too in case of women’s fitness. It was not a setback earlier, as it is today particularly with the combo of inactive lifestyles as well as supersized meals. This has led to a compounding and weighty problem that plagues contemporary society. In spite of spending billions of dollars in all the medical advancements made to extend life it remains ironic that we disregard the very fundamentals of enjoying the best returns these developments provide, which is an active plus long life.

In 20s

In 20s, women’s fitness can be achieved by sticking to a balanced as well as habitual intake routine to enhance your health and weight. Merely eating breakfast can considerably perk up overall health and will provide a sense of control on your whole day food intake. Thereafter you need to eat every three hours so that your metabolic activity is ensured. But bear in mind what you eat, choose greens and whole grains, as well as refined carbohydrates which will prevent you from consuming between meals. Work out for half-hour to 1 hour equally on cardio plus weight training for 3 times in a week. On your holidays you can take up cardio plus aerobic work outs alternately for 45 minutes. In fact this is the age in you need to invest for your health by developing fit and healthy life habits.

In 30s

In 30s women’s fitness begins when you become aware of the revealing some of the signals of aging. In this age your metabolism slows down and hence it becomes very difficult to sustain your weight, rather than lose it. You need to be more aware of the food quality that you consume. Take more of good quality protein in addition to carbohydrates for energy. Enhance your metabolism by consuming chili pepper plus drinking green tea to decrease your appetite and control sugar. Think about the circuit training for 4 days plus cardio for one day in a week. Try to mix your practices to puzzle your muscle memory. Slot in yoga or even the Pilates to check drooping.

In 40s

Women’s fitness in 40s becomes a problem due to the reduction in estrogen levels and water retention issue increases. In 40s the intake of every day calories as well as metabolism decreases. Do not indulge in salty foods to prevent bloating. Instead consume more of green, cruciferous and leafy vegetables to produce more hormones particularly estrogen. Do workouts for 3 days and reasonable weight training for 30 minutes to 1 hour per session in addition to 3 to 5 days of cardio. Pilates along with yoga is still helpful and ought to be included in your routine if you are able to.

Beginning a hale and hearty way of life in particular women’s fitness is by no means too late irrespective of your age. If you want a quality life that is long, active and rewarding then you have to improve your dietary and fitness habits as you age.

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