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Natural Vision Improvement ways

natural remedies for better eyesight that actually work!When you visited your eye doctor and were told that your eyesight problems had worsened, chances are good that you asked yourself, “what did I do?” You had been wearing the same glasses, reading the same newspaper, and working at the same place every day; what could have caused your eyes to lose more of their seeing capabilities? The thing is, those same actions that you had been performing day after day might have been the very reason why your vision deteriorated. Stay with me to find out how this could have been and how to deal with it…

You’ve probably heard the saying, “humans are creatures of habit.” A vast majority of the various aspects of your life is determined by your habits, most of which you are not even aware of. Obviously, the modern lifestyle is not so welcoming in terms of maintaining good vision. To name a few examples, many people are forced to stare at computer and TV screens for several hours every day; the so-called “fast foods” or “junk foods” don’t provide appropriate nutrients that support the proper functioning of the eyes; and in too many cases our rooms are lit too bright or too dark.

The good news is that as long as you can identify these bad habits and replace them with good ones that promote your healthy vision, you can take the first step towards reclaiming your natural 20/20 vision. The single biggest physical factor in causing eyesight problems is the excess strain, which is addressed by the following 4 habits. Try these for 30 days and see for yourself how clear your eyesight gets.

1. Blink more.
In order to have a properly functioning eye, you need to blink 15 to 20 times a minute. Not only blinking helps your eyes rest, but it prevents eye illnesses by moistening your eyes. Also, it provides support for your eye muscles that are used to focus on objects at different distances, while stimulating lymph circulation around your eyes. Lymph is a type of body fluid complementary to the blood and is involved in nutrient transportation and immune system activation.

2. Look straight at it.
Once in a while, relax your eyes and release all mental and physical strain. Focus on an object while not trying too hard. If you are used to seeing things while strained, this might feel strange at first, but soon you will get to experience a calm and comfortable feeling. In fact, your eyes were naturally designed to function the best under this kind of condition-looking straight at an object without strain. The more you do this, the more your eyes will feel relaxed, and the more your eyes will revert to their natural state-seeing clearly.

3. Move your eyes around.
There are two ways you can do this. You can slowly move your gaze from one object to the room to the one next to it, then to the next, in a continuous manner. Then, look to the skies or a distant object outside your window, then back to your window panes. Alternate between these two. Myopia(nearsightedness) is nothing more than your eyes getting used too much to seeing things near you. By shifting your focus once in a while, you prevent your eyes from being fixated in a single mode of seeing.

4. Bathe in the Sun.
Every color you can see originates from sunlight. This natural source of light is what made your vision even possible or relevant. Your eyes are fatigued from artificial light which only contain certain wavelengths of light; treat them and relax them occasionally with this great gift of nature! While keeping your eyes closed, face the sun, and move turn your head from side to side. Keep it short to no more than three minutes.

5.The hectic nature of modern-day life makes it difficult for us to have a full serving of the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables in our diet.

Purchase a tasty fruit and vegetable shake and mix it in a blender. Green drinks give the eyes the nutritional support that they need to stay healthy.

6.Avoid coffee, tea, smoking and cut back significantly on sweet foods and junk foods. Have them sparingly as they

have a negative effect on the eyes. Replace these with healthier sources of vitamin A- Mango Juice Fish, Broccoli, lean chicken, spinach, and turkey.

7.Another natural way of obtaining better eye health is by taking nutritional supplements. This includes eating a diet with fish and fresh vegetables as it’s regarded as a remedy for myopia. It’s believed that vitamins E, C, and selenium are essential nutrients when it comes to good eye health. Vegetables and fruits and contain many carotenoids which help to protect eye tissue. Foods such as red grapes, pumpkins, corn, eggs, and leafy greens contain zeazanthin, and lutein, which are important carotenoids when it comes to eye health.

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