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New nutrition model to help fight obesity

New nutrition model to help fight obesity The worlds top scientists and specialists in the field of nutrition are now rejecting the traditional nutrition model and preferring a new one that is called nutritional geometry. Apparently, weight loss objectives were guided by the wrong system until now. The new approach took for more than 20 years of rigorous researching. Nutritional geometry will now be able to help health experts, dietitians and researchers a lot more when it comes to properly treating obesity and advising the right weight loss activities. They will understand obesity better now that they have a better nutrition model. A professor from the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Center named Stephen Simpson suggested that using an outdated nutrition model limited our ability to solve obesity and the health problems that come with it.

Nutritional geometry against the old model

The Old model considered single nutrients as the influential factors behind health and illness. On the other hand, Nutritional geometry looks at mixtures of nutrients along with other dietary components and how they affect disease and health problems like obesity. The new model suggests that protein is the strongest driving force that influences diets and the regulation of fat and carbohydrate intake. The effect of single nutrients simply does not explain the complexities of chronic diseases so, an approach that is based on nutrient balance can give much more insight leading to better treatment and a better shot at weight loss.

Nutrition-related diseases are much more diverse and complex compared to older times. A few major causes behind this include, an overabundance of food available to individuals, our tendency to gravitate towards only specific foods baring particular blends of nutrients and endless advertising drawing in the masses towards food that is hazardous towards health. Now that we have a new framework it will be easier and more effective to understand what all this consumption is leading to.

The new Nutritional geometry frame work has led experts to see the causes of obesity from a different light. It has been established by testing issues around dietary problems. Before, fat, carbohydrate, and sugar in isolation were considered as the culprits behind obesity. Most weight loss diets demonized these entirely regardless of them actually being needed in the right proportion. Professor Simpson mentioned that it is now possible to use the new model as a microscope or telescope to look at complex dietary problems.


The links between diets, health, and disease that were once overlooked are now finally under the spotlight as the nutritional geometry model has enabled the plotting of food, meals, diets and dietary patterns all together based on their nutrient composition . Coming to this stage was not a walk in the park. It took years of hard work to get here. Professor Simpson along with his associate professor David had plotted information for the composition of 116 diets that have been brought together from previously published studies. The studies were directed towards the examination of macro nutrient ratios and the energy intake of people. The method is one that unites study from many fields to bring about a better understanding of how nutrients, diets, and food interact. This helps to understand human health and diseases on a brand new level. Weight loss will now be a unique approach based nutritional geometry and the person’s food, diet, and nutrient interactions. Hope fully this brand new model will help the countless sufferers of weigh loss very soon.

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