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Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Sun

womens beauty - how to protect from sunShielding the skin from the hazardous sun’s rays isn’t only best for cosmetic purposes, but could also keep us from having sun-related ailments and medical problems. Therefore it is essential to learn how to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and to be cautious about it.

1. Stay hidden from noon sun’s rays

The sun is at its hottest between 10 each morning to four in the afternoon. Therefore, keep indoors between these periods, whenever you can.

2. Put on protective clothes

Put on clothes that will protect you delivering optimum defense against the sun’s rays, such as clothes with lengthy sleeves and long jeans. However, do not just use any materials; these types of clothes must be made of fabrics that are firmly woven. Dark clothes also have a higher capacity to give protection than their lighter counterparts; so you may also want to take the color of your clothes into account.

3. Use protective accessories

You should also use accessories which would guard your face, eyes, ears, and neck from the sun’s rays. These include a hat having a brim all over it which is no less than four inches wide and two shades which have UV protection.

4. Use sunscreen lotion

Use an adequate quantity of sunscreen on your face and throughout the body, especially those parts that’ll be exposed to the sun’s rays. Look for a sunscreen, like one integrated into your face moisturizer as well as other facial skin products that are designed for your skin type or for Women’s Beauty. The SPF of the sunscreen needs to be no less than 15; but the higher the SPF, the more powerful it’ll be in providing you UV ray defense. Use the sunblock after a few hours, especially after perspiring or swimming, since sweat and also water can reduce the protection they offer. You need to also utilize the sunblock even if you will just be staying indoors because Uv rays could penetrate the house windows, too. Experts also advise that regular t-shirts do not give much defense against the sun’s rays; so it’s also best to use the sunscreen lotion to parts of your body which are covered by your clothes.

5. Lather on skin protective products

Protective skin products, particularly the organic types, like organic argan oils are also extremely effective in shielding your skin from harmful effects of the sun. Unlike the ones packed with chemical compounds, this kind of natural product is not merely free from any harmful-causing agents but is also very useful. This oil, particularly, will cure and improve any existing skin imperfections and damage caused by the sun’s rays, moisturize skin, and protect it from additional sun damage.

6. Stay away from UV tanning products

Certain tanning equipment, especially those that emit UV lights should be prevented at all cost. It is because this specific equipment may cause more harm than precise sun exposure.

7. Remain in shaded areas

Always try to stay under shade whenever possible when the sun is at its hottest. Keep in mind that even if it’s cloudy, the Uv rays are still present, and so you still have to keep yourself protected just the same as on sunny times.

As what it has always been stated, “prevention is superior to cure.” You may be able to treat sun-damaged skin, but it will probably not look and feel as before the damage.

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