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Want to Live a Healthy Life Improve Your Lifestyle

Want to live a healthy life Improve Your LifestyleThere are a lot of expressions on health that is good that each one of us is aware of its own significance. Everyone want to live a healthy life and improves their lifestyle. “Health is prosperity”; a healthy head” In a body that is healthy wells; “precaution surpasses treatment”, and a lot more.

Among the very frequent issues discussed in assemblies is ill health. Leading a life that is healthier is becoming more of a challenge.

A lot of people don’t understand the best way to remain healthy, while a few of us don’t follow practices that are balanced even after understanding. For those, who still don’t follow it and understands the secret, all I will declare is they should escape their laziness because you’d never understand how delightful your life can be if you happen to be in perfect health, and begin working on it. And for individuals who don’t understand the secret, please read additionally:

Want to Live a Healthy Life #1

  1. Respect Time

Every creature on this earth is programmed in a certain way, so is human. We have a thing in us called the biological clock. It pushes us to sleep, wake up, eat, excrete, drink, etc at some particular point of time in a day. But what we do is ignore this clock. Because we are so busy in our life that we stop living it. I am not saying that one should ignore everything else and keep concentrating on this tiktok. All we need to do is assign time to everything according to our biological clock and work accordingly. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that every person may have different clock depending upon the type of system he/she posses. Ayurved divides body types into nature:


Pitta &


Every body type has different requirements. One must listen to its body, understand it and then act accordingly. Apart from this, one should be disciplined in his/her work and should avoid procrastination. Timely completion of work saves you from a lot of mental pressure and hence improves your mental health.

Want to Live a Healthy Life #2

  1. Eat for your soul, not for your tongue

Again, I will say listen to your body. And feed it with what it demands. Our eating habits should depend on three things:

Place where we live


Our body type

And the best part about it is that our body demands food depending on these three conditions only. But we go with our tongue. Let me clear it with an example. It feels like to eat something fried when it’s raining and there is nothing wrong with that. But to have fried food in summers is not at all a good idea. A person with the nature of Kapha should lessen the usage of dairy products while a person with pitta nature should prefer dairy products. Similarly, the country in which you live also plays an important role in deciding your diet. For a balanced diet, one needs to understand the difference between cravings from of our taste buds and demands from our soul.

Want to Live a Healthy Life #3

  1. Your Body is neither Flower nor Iron

Unhealthy people can be divided into two categories at this point: One who treats their body as flower and other who treats it as iron. The first category of people is very delicate. They highly pamper their body and restrict themselves from doing any hard work which needs strength and power. On the other hand, another category of people uses their body very roughly. They have the tendency to exploit their body and pull out even the last bit of energy from it. Both the conditions are extreme. In order to be healthy one needs to be balanced. Do hard work, use your energy but do not exceed the limits.

Want to Live a Healthy Life #4

  1. Enjoy exercising throughout the day

Yes, you read it correctly, “throughout the day”. Now, I won’t contradict the last point written by me with this point. What I mean is that exercising should not be a part of your lifestyle. It should rather be your lifestyle. Maintaining a correct posture while sitting or standing or sleeping or walking or doing any damn activity is the must. To be aware of your posture throughout the day and correcting it every now and then is not less of an exercise. People who need to sit continuously in their job shall put this point into practice. They should take a walk whenever possible and should do small stretching exercises at least twice a day.

People who have more of a physical work to do on daily basis should keep a check on the way they are doing it. Activities including weight lifting or restless body movement should be done carefully otherwise it can lead to cramps or muscular pain. And such activities should also be followed by stretching exercises. Computer-based jobs are considered to be a major reason behind the evolution of many health issues. Giving rest to your eyes at regular intervals, keeping correct sitting posture and maintaining proper distance from the computer screen can help you to keep those problems away.

Want to Live a Healthy Life #5

  1. Keep Mental & Physical Hygiene

Clean body and beautiful mind simply healthier you. Take bath and unload your intestines daily, wear clean clothes and keep your surroundings clean is all you need to do for physical hygiene. You can easily recall all the lessons that you had in your primary school for personal hygiene (wash hands before you eat, eat fresh food, drink clean water and maintain cleanliness in every possible way). But what about mental hygiene, which is equally important.

Practice yoga and meditation. It will help you to clean your thoughts. Meditation can be practiced at any hour of the day. All you need is a soothing environment and a calm mind.

Whatever may be the circumstances, be positive. The positivity should not be limited to your welfare only. You need to think positively for others as well. When people will get positive vibes from you, you will get the same from them and this will lead to an unknown state of happiness.

Read and listen. Don’t only read or listen, but also try to grab the moral out of it. It will increase your knowledge in some or the other way. And this knowledge will bring you a sense of enjoyment & happiness from within. And believe me, happiness and health walk together.

Want to Live a Healthy Life

Now without any delay start following these important tips in your daily life and see the difference coming. Sometimes all it takes is the first step to being successful and healthy, rest will happen with the momentum itself.

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