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Women and hair

A woman’s hair is a critical expression of her beauty. Just like a well-rejuvenated skin, hair is part of women’s beauty. A woman’s hair says a lot about her and people are prone to address a woman based on her hair style. This is because hair is not only personal but also public. A woman hair is a symbol of many things. One, a woman hair is a symbol of her identity. For instance, a woman with wavy hair that is thick is seen as being creative and innovative. A woman hair is also an expression of her personality and beliefs. Above all her hair is an expression of her beauty. So important is a woman that she is able to juggle different personalities by simply changing her hairstyle.

hair grow tipsIt is every woman’s desire therefore to have healthy and strong hair. Considering the emotional attachment a woman has with her hair, it is undesirable and tormenting to have dry and brittle hair. When hair is dry and brittle, it is more susceptible to split ends and hair breakage.

Some of the signs of unhealthy hair that every woman should look out for is dry and brittle hair. Hair that is dry and brittle is hard to brush and style. However, before you run and grab a shampoo bottle in an effort to correct this mistake, take time to learn the root causes of dry and brittle hair.

Experts in the hair industry agree that the number one cause of this condition is exposure to sunny and windy weather. Exposure to this weather conditions cause the hair to be dehydrated and therefore dry. The UV rays of the sun to this extent break down protein components of hair causing it to be brittle. To fix sun effects on your hair, try protecting your hair using UH- based hairspray or leave- in conditioner.

Another major cause of dry and brittle hair is hormone changes. Such changes are due to use of birth control pills pregnancy and menopause. Hormonal changes especially in the second trimester will cause dry hair. one way to prevent this condition in pregnant women is adapting a healthy diet. Incorporate more foods with protein, iodine or iron to this regard.

Dry and brittle hair may be due to using the wrong shampoo. Such shampoos make the hair feel dry instead of infusing it with moisture to make it feel soft and moisturized. To this extent, it is recommended that one avoids using dry shampoos regularly. this is because they tend to absorb hair’s natural oils. A mild shampoo is the most ideal because it contains fewer drying detergents. Further, use shampoos with a moisturizing agent because such a shampoo will keep hair cuticles lying flat and therefore able to hold in the essential natural oils.

In addition, daily use of heat styling tools such as flat iron and dryer and such heated styling tools makes hair dry and brittle. This is because such processes deplete hair of moisture and also break down vital elastic protein cellular connectivity. In this regard, one should ensure to use conditioning products before using the tools.

Further frequent use of smoothing treatments has been shown to deplete your hair of moisture. This is because every time you do a smoothing treatment, your hair becomes more brittle. It is actually recommended that one should not have more than three hair smoothing treatments in an year.

In conclusion, use of oils such as flax seed oil, Aragon oil or jojoba oils is ideal because they are excellent moisturizers. Further avoiding combing hair when wet is recommended because it is at this stage that hair is most vulnerable to breakage.

When a woman’s hair is healthy and glowing, it not only gives her self-esteem but also depicts an organized and neat woman.

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